We are back with another interesting blog in a very short period, If you are a frequent reader of our works then you most probably know that we are a language institute, we give training for more than 10 foreign languages and regional languages as well, followed by soft skills courses and other courses such as GMAT, GRE etc.

These courses help you shape and build the foundation of your future and can help you in different aspects of your life both personally and professionally.

Individuals who comes to take classes for different courses at our institute they often opt for normal courses for example if a person wants to join Japanese classes he will go with N5 (basic level), however we also get individuals seeking for Corporate training, therefore we are here to give you some insight on this course at our institute and how it works. Let’s Go!

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What is Corporate training: This training is solely designed for the purpose of serving individuals who are looking for language course but only for business or official purpose.

We concentrate on: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening

At Go Lingua: Students are trained in polite honorific conversational pattern. This will help them to speak in any situations.

our corporate courses are specifically tuned to achieve stated business objectives.

The structured programs for corporate, span from conversational courses to providing interpretation& translation services in the particular language.

The customized Conversational courses help teams enhance their vocabulary, improve pronunciations and develop a good proficiency in communicating in the language one wants to learn.

Three levels of conversational courses are available starting with the basic conversation course to advanced conversation course followed by customized conversation courses.


  • Basic conversation
  • Business Etiquette
  • Advanced conversation
  • Lifestyle
  • Understanding the culture and tradition
  • Festivals

To book a demo or enroll for class, contact us: 9886319100/9513148013

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Hello all !

This is to remind you that we have online classes open for German A1, A2 and B1 levels at our institute.

To take the free demo class via online kindly contact us at : 9886319100 / 9513148013

Online class includes: Individual session, Flexible timings, Both weekdays and weekends, speaking, reading, writing and listening modules, exam preparation, goethe registration etc.

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Coronavirus: Universities Are Shifting Classes Online—But It's Not ...

Learning new language at your comfort zone

Here we are again, the lockdown has been extended and since many of us have been on self quarantine since past few weeks you might have missed on your daily routine, such as going for morning walks, or hanging out with friends or taking language classes, well we might not be of much help when it comes to your daily routine but we can surely help you with not having to miss your language classes.

Coronavirus: Universities Are Shifting Classes Online—But It's Not ...

We at Go Lingua offer you with online classes now at the comfort of your home this quarantine, that’s not all we will make sure you’re getting the same amount of attention that we give on offline classes, flexible timings with individual classes, availability of both weekdays and weekend classes if you’re a working professional.

Taking online classes means you’ll be getting extra attention and care at your own comfort zone, we provide classes for all the languages such as Japanese, German, French, Spanish etc.

Registration for online classes has started, we are giving free demo session to those who needs it as well.

So hurry, and make some good use of off this situation and help your future self.

Stay safe, stay home.

Contact us : | 9886319100


Hello everyone! how are you keeping up with the self quarantine period? Are you keeping up with your daily routine, if you feel like you are missing on things like your plans to take language classes for your future plans then worry not because we are here to help you.

We are happy to announce that we have opened up online classes to help people in this self quarantine period, who are willing to take online classes.

Registrations for new batch is open for individual or group session.

To take demo or enroll for class contact us : 9886319100/9513148013


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Requirement for the conversation classes

Focus on communication , not correctness in sentence
I’m surprised that when in the first days of class students turned to me or ask their classmates whether the conversation “correctly,” if it is “right.” even in our native languages do we concern ourselves if the communication is proceeding “correctly”; the point is if our meaning is coming through. This is what should be emphasized to students: it’s not a matter of “right” but whether or not your classmates understand you and can respond to you! In a comfortable way without correctness and having a meaning for the point in his\her conversation

Student directed: student choice of topics
If they known the English according to the way they speak then student can only direct Most native speakers will excuse themselves from such conversations as soon as possible. Teachers should be wary of assigning controversial topics such as the legality of abortion or same sex marriage without gauging the climate of the class and having an idea of how receptive students will be to such topics. Some classes are perfectly capable of holding a mature conversation on these topics, others not depending on their language and cross-cultural and interpersonal skills. Teachers should ask themselves the following: One way around this concern is allowing students

Before pushing their self in something, students should  have to agree on some basic “rules and agreement”: listening to each other courteously; listening actively by clarifying meaning and asking for examples; speaking to the shopkeeper with clearly and politely while considering the marketer, etc. when students know how to react with the situation probably students will really know these rules already from their first languages—there are probably some cultural universals in politeness—and can usually help in brainstorming five or so rules to be displayed prominently in the class. More than five will likely be too many to focus on and be useful. Meaning classify the dis communication with each other when the communication is huge and large then   the basement of English is fine with the correction 

Because the focus of instruction, and of conversation itself, is on communicating meaning rather than on correctness, students should be assessed mostly informally.

The instructor can walk around the class, sit in on conversations, and get an idea this way on the degree of participation of each student. Students can also be asked to hold a conversation in front of the teacher or class and be assessed by a rubric on the degree of responding to and advancing topics, on use of strategies and vocabulary, and so forth. Finally, more formal quizzes and tests can also be given in the form of listening to taped conversations and answering questions about topic, vocabulary, responses, strategies, and so on.


Hello we are back with another blog on how to improve your German skills by following these steps and things to read or do while you are at it.

Use a dictionary

If you’re a beginner than German to English dictionary will be of huge help to you. However using a German-to-German dictionary will help you learn the words within the context of the language, which will help you and can you can see for yourself how much you have improved.

Making flashcards

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Learning a word in context can do wonders to help you remember it—but it’s even better if you hammer the word home by writing it down on a flashcard. If you make a vocabulary set from every book that you read, soon you’ll have a big stack


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Learning how to read in German is essential. If you listen after reading, you’ll already know the story, and it will be easier to understand what the narrator is saying in the audio version. These days you can find podcasts and audio books online so you don’t have to worry about finding it.

Books to read

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  • German short stories (level wise)
  • Cafe in Berlin (a collection of 10 short stories of the man from Sicily)
  • The Brothers Grimm
  • German children’s book (for Grammar and Vocabulary)
  • Living German by Ed Swick

Where to find them

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Online sites such as Amazon, or the website where the book was published. If you’re not a book reader, and you’d rather go for e-books then or Amazon kindle might help, also if you need reviews on the books you can go to quora to get your answers and get good recommendations as well.

About UsAt Go Lingua we offer a range of all foreign languages aimed at individuals and corporate training.

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Living in Japan & What to expect.

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Photo Credits: Lonely Planet

So we are back with our ‘Living in’ series and today’s topic is Japan check out our other post where we talked about Germany( Japan, an island country located in East Asia, The Japanese word for this country is ‘Nihon’ or ‘Nippon’. The country is made up of almost 6000 islands and is also home to Mount Fuji and Cherry Blossom festivals. If you are planning to visit Japan or moving there, here are few things you might want to know about the country. LET’S GET IT!!

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Transportation: If you’re one of those people who is always stuck in traffic or always the one waiting for your Uber or any Public transport and you’re tired of all these and you’re soon shifting to Japan, then you’ll be very glad to hear that public transportation is the most convenient in Japan, from buses to taxis to bicycles you name it, they’re always on time and hassle free.

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Safety: Japanese people takes safety pretty seriously, given the fact that Japan is that country which is prone to earthquakes and Tsunami, you’ll be alerted by the Government before hand if any natural disaster is going to occur through s.m.s or special alerts. Japan is also almost crime free such as thefts, pick pocketing and such.Safety first, Safety second, safety third, safety always.

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Food: Now, if you’re worried about the food there because most of the time all you get is seafood and you’re not really fond of it, worry not because Japanese people have thousands of varieties of cuisine for you to choose from, from fried to extremely healthy, from sweet to bitter, they have it all. You can’t expect anything less from a country which has around 3,000 Mc Donald’s joint.

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Housing: This might be bit tricky depending on what kind of person you are, if you like small space which is cozy in a way or you like bigger space more comfortable, totally depends upon you. If you’re planning to live in any part of Japan then expect yourself to be living in a small space because that’s how most of the apartments are out there.

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Nature: If you’re into nature and love the landscapes or you’re sucker for Sceneries then you’ll be 100% intrigued by it’s beauty, behind those sky scrapers you’ll be able to capture the beauty of Mount Fuji at it’s utmost majesty, and Cherry blossoms blooming on the side walks.

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Punctuality: Japanese people are always busy, and they don’t like wasting time they take their work ethics very seriously and expects the same from you as well. To know more about the etiquette and manners while you’re in Japan read our other post.

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Other than that Japanese people are polite and helpful and although they might not be as fluent as you in English they’ll help you with all they’ve got. Respect to get Respect. Hope you enjoyed our blog we will see you on the next one.

About Go Lingua: We are a foreign language institute, we offer a range of all foreign languages aimed at individuals and corporate training.

Contact us: 9886319100/9513148013

Upcoming batches @ Go Lingua 2020

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NOTICE: We are glad to announce that we are starting new batches for German A1/A2/B1 & B2 French A1/A2/B1 , Spoken English and Japanese N5/N4/N3 including Spanish, Italian, Russian and Chinese classes. For more detailed conversation kindly get in touch with us.

To register or book your demo slots kindly contact us at: 9886319100/9513148013

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German is the most widely spoken native language in Europe. It continues to serve this purpose as an important second language in central and Europe. In the English-speaking world, German is also the third most taught foreign language.


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German is the most widely spoken native language in Europe. English, French and German are the three official working languages of the European Union. In absolute numbers, German is the second most-spoken language on the continent of Europe. However, when it comes to native speakers, German is number one.


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After studying German is benefit  for jobs and the placement you get in Germans left their native land for a combination of reasons, which included political oppression, economic depression (due to crop failures), and religious persecution. The German immigrants took jobs as skilled labourers that  cabinet makers, and tailors. MNC’S .Now a days German is going in trending language because you have many opportunities .

Which books is very useful for Germany language ?

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Read Netzwerk Deutsch als Fremdsprache A1 (Textbook + Workbook + … If you are already learning German in a class, you could use these books as … so many students they all are using this book & this book is too helpful for A1 ,A2 B1 ,B2 ,C1 ,C2 Netzwerk books are very help for understanding and comfortable to understand.

If you want to learn more about the classes conducted at our institute then check our previous blog for more information on the course.

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